Meet the Animals

We host a variety of livestock at Lazy Ass Acres! Chickens, quail, turkeys, ducks, guinea, pigs and rabbits are humanely raised to provide meat, eggs and breeding stock for our family and neighbors. We are beyond blessed to be able to feed ourselves and loved ones from from our organic, homegrown meat. Not every animal on the property is destined for the freezer, though. Many of them play crucial roles in the health and success of our homestead.

chicken, hen, poultry

Our flock of laying hens have been with us since the beginning of our homestead journey. They contribute to the health of our garden by producing fertile, nitrogen-rich compost material, keeping the compost turned by scratching, and breaking down food scraps. Even their egg shells are returned to the soil to add calcium. Nothing goes to waste on our little farm! The hens are also very personable ladies who enjoy human company. They especially love when Louis brings a stool and some treats out to the pen to spend some time with them.

The most notable resident of our homestead isn’t a chicken at all, but don’t tell him that! Pilgrim the turkey came to us an abandoned chick and spent his adolescence in the chicken pen, being watched over by the older hens. This seems to have made quite the impression on him, as he has always felt most as home with the chickens, not the other turkeys. We’ve attempted to breed him, but he’s just not interested in the company of turkeys. He truly believes he is a chicken at heart. His loyalty to the the chickens is very valuable though, as he serves as a security guard to keep hawks and other predators away and the flock safe.

Our pigs are some of our most charismatic animals. While we know they are destined for the dinner table, we still enjoy spending time with them and providing them happy, enriched lives. They get treats and social time every day, and are always curious about new visitors. If you ever come to visit, you will likely hear them before you see them. Their excited snorts can be heard from all corners of the property. They are provided with a  balanced diet and large paddock, keeping them healthy and active, which makes for tender and delicious meat.

The rabbits are likely our most popular animals here at Lazy ass Acres. Everyone who visits always asks to hold a bunny! While we do occasionally cull them for their tender meat, most of our bunnies end up sold at local markets as pets. One of the best things about living in a small town is keeping in touch with neighbors and being updated on how well loved and cared for their beloved rabbits are!

Guinea fowl are probably our favorite birds on the homestead. They are very effective as they control wood ticks and insects such as grasshoppers, flies, and crickets. Guineas can reduce keepers’ risk of Lyme disease by consuming deer ticks, which carry the disease. Guinea fowl also eat slugs, and flocks have been known to attack snakes, mice and rats. They are also known as the farmer’s watch dog as they give loud warnings when they spot a stranger or predator. Guineas will consume about 90% of their food when free ranging.

Coturnix quail have made an excellent addition to our homestead. They are relatively easy to keep and lay particularly nutrient dense eggs. They’re quiet and docile, and they provide both eggs and meat in a fraction of the time a chicken takes to provide you with eggs. Quail eggs and meat are rich in selenium, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The eggs are also believed to improve hair growth, being a rich source of iron, zinc, amino acids and a multitude of vitamins. Quail eggs are also believed to help treat anaemia as they are enriched with Vitamin A, iron, and B12