Meat Processing

Most of our animals are raised with their meat in mind. Gratitude and respect are at the core of how we rear our livestock, and we do everything possible to ensure they live happy, healthy lives before they become sustenance for our family. Our chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs and guineas are raised cage-free, and all of our animals are fed fresh, balanced diets to ensure health and quality meat. If you’ve never tried same day fresh poultry or pork, you’re missing out! 


While culling livestock is never enjoyable, being able to provide fresh, organic meat for our family, friends and neighbors is incredibly fulfilling. We carry out the entire butchering process ourselves, from farm to freezer. It has been a long process of learning how to make the most of every cut. Beyond just the meat, we commit ourselves to a zero-waste style of butchering. Bones are cooked into broth before being dehydrated, ground and incorporated into our compost to provide vital nutrients. Hide, bird feet, pig ears and other scraps are cooked into fresh, protein rich food for our dogs. 


Our pigs are a Yorkshire Landrace mix. They are very easily trained, affectionate, innocently curious. As a meat source, they  are typically used for bacon and ham production, but their meat is also of high quality. The meat  is lean and juicy, and it has a unique flavor that many people enjoy.


Rabbit meat is rich in vitamins B12 and E, while also having a higher concentration of most minerals. Rabbit meat has less calories than chicken and is the HIGHEST in protein compared to chicken, fish, lamb, pork and even beef!


Info about chicken process, pre- and post- processing weight, etc


Info about quail process, taste/texture of meat, weight, etc


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